Sustainable sourcing


We offer you locally sourced, wild products of the highest quality, obtained by means of sustainable procedures while observing our responsibility towards the Mediterranean Nature. The collection process of our WILD products can be summarized as follows: 

Andunatura performs a traditional harvesting method divided into the following stages:
Identification of collection areas
The Andalusian Administration determines the areas suitable for harvesting, whereafter a technician designates the specific allotments to be harvested according to the quality and density of the species as well as the related costs.
Harvest workers, endowed with botanical and forestry knowledge, perform the manual collection with help of a sickle, allowing the subsequent regeneration of the plant. The harvesting time takes place between the months of April and August.

Transportation to the premises

Once the raw material has been received at the premises and has been classified according to its species, the natural drying process is carried out. This stage is of paramount importance within the productive process, since it is responsible for the preservation of the plants properties.

The drying process is carried out in dimly lit hall specifically desginated for this purpose, in which the product is evenly distributed in a thin layer, preferably raised from the floor in order to facilitate air circulation.

The drying process should take place as fast as possible in order to lose the leastnumber of volativ¡le substances, which ususally means between 24 and 48 hours.


Processing equipment

This equipment consists of a single machine capable of performing all necessary preparation tasks. The processing stages and their sequence of execution are as follows:

Consists on cutting the dried herbs into smaller pieces.


Consists on separating the desired part of the plant from the undesired one. Leaves and/or flowers are selected, depending on the species, while stems and ligneous parts are rejected.


This stage consists on separating the leafy material by size. For this purpose, the crushed material is passed through a series of sieves with variable grid dimension in order to obtain a product ready for commercial use.


This is a key stage to ensure traceability and comply with certifications. Following tasks are performed:

Document verification

Compliance check to ensure that traceability requirements are met (species, place of collection, date, lot, weight, etc.)

Visual control

Check-up of the overall conditions of the collected plant. 

Analytical control

In this stage, parameters of general character will be measured and a specific control of the most consumer-relevant heavy metals is performed.

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