Our basic Organic Spice Pack for beginners features granulated garlic, parsley, sweet and hot paprika as well as ground white and black pepper.

Organic Spice Basic Pack

This pack contains

Includes granulated garlic, parsley, sweet paprika, hot paprika, ground white pepper and ground black pepper.

Our Organic Spice Basic Pack meets the needs of kitchen minimalists and provides you with  the most used every day seasonings.

Add plenty of our sweet (or hot) paprika to your stir-fries or to a real Galician-style Octopus. Blend our garlic and parsley, add a generous drizzle of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and there you have a sauce for your grilled fishes or vegetables. And don't forget to add a bit of our pepper (white, black, or both) to your meat balls.

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